Best Fitness AB Board Hyperextension

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Take your daily core workout and turn it up (or down) a few degrees! The Best Fitness Total Core Trainer combines the two most popular core workouts, an ab crunch and a back hyperextension, into one, easy-to-use machine.

The back hyperextension works comfortably from a standing position, providing a low-impact back workout, while the ab crunches will help you build abdominal muscles that are crucial to maintaining lumbar spine strength.

The stronger these muscles are, the more support and stability they can provide.

The Best Fitness Total Core Trainer allows you to vary the starting position of your workouts between 15, 20 and 25 degrees.

The simple pull of a pin enables you control the angle of the bench to increase or decrease the intensity of each session.

The BFHYP10 Total Core Trainer provides you with the inclination (and motivation) to keep your abs and lower back strong and tight, and a strong lower back is a healthy and pain-free lower back. Plus, a strong lower back is essential to stabilizing your torso and preventing injury.

Best Fitness BFHYP10 is designed to help you work your abs and the muscles of your lower back in complete comfort, the machine is adjustable for different size users and offers:6-position hyperextension support and 3-position lower leg support provide a wide range of variability to your workouts.

6" and 4" high-density foam roller pads plus rubber-gripped positioning handles ensure a comfortable, secure workout.

Minimal assembly required.

Best Fitness, your home, your gym!

  • Total core trainer for working out abdominal muscles and lower back muscles
  • 6-position hyper-extension support for working from standing or angled position
  • 3-position lower leg support; adjustable positions include 15, 20, and 25 degrees
  • 1.75-inch upholstered bench pads; rubber-gripped positioning handles
  • Assembled Dimensions: 74 x 81 x 126 cm (W x H x D); 3-year warranty