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Great rower, fast delivery

After doing some research and reading all the reviews on this site, I was a bit concerned this machine at under $1000 was too good to be true. I took the plunge and after only 3 business days, the R300 was delivered from SA to Sydney metro NSW. The set up was quick and easy and after a couple of rowing sessions, I can say I'm ecstatic with the purchase. It feels just like a Concept 2 rower which I've used for years at a commercial gym. Great service from Best Fitness as well, I would 100% recommend.


After 2 emails giving me the run around about where my product was and being told it would arrive 5 days after I bought it..i still haven't received the product 12 days after purchasing it and have been told without any explanation I would probably not receive it for another week ..totally unacceptable

Hi Damo, we sincerely apologise for this delay and can assure you this is an unlucky delivery that happens in 1% of our orders. We are chasing the freight carrier and will continue until the order is delivered. We take full responsibility for your delivery and there is no risk at all you will be at a loss. You will either receive the product, or we will send another product or you can have a full refund.
We appreciate your understanding and patience!

A1 Customer Service & Product

During my search for a quality air rower I came across the Body Solid Endurance R300 rower. Initially I had some questions concerning the product warranty so i reached out to Best Fitness for some clarification. Locus from the team got back to very quickly and clarifified that warranty is fully coverd in Australia. I then asked lucas a few more questions and he promtly replied each question with photos as evidence. By this point I was 100% sold as the customer service levle is excellent. Machine arrived at my door after 1.5 weeks in excellent condition. No issue with the installation and set up process. Quality seems to be pretty good without any noice for faulty parts out of the box. Now the important part, at this price point, this machine is much much much better value than the Concept 2. Obviously there are some mechanical and specification differences between the two machines but it just put a really big smile on my face knowing that i just spent half the money on a solid rowing machine that is smooth, quite and looks really good !! If you are still deciding on this product, reach out to the team and you will be sold , just like me.

Great service!

Best service in Australia.

Awesome Home Cable Machine

This machine is excellent for the price, nice and smooth, and very versatile, breaks the boredom of all free weight bar work up a bit. Highly recommended. I have a family of six who are all avid gym users and I’ve had this machine for almost a year, my youngest boy has a few of his mates train with him so this machine cops a hiding. If there was anything negative about it we would have found it by now.

Safe , and easy to move about .

Great product , great service.

Very happy with my cable machine , great to use nice and smooth ! Had an issue with a part and best fitness sent one out with no issues !. Instructions can be tricky at times but that's the same with all the gym equipment I've bought so no real issue. Will continue to shop with best fitness in the future!

Two overlooked aspects of the design

I am most impressed with the quality of workmanship of the inversion table but two of the finer points of the design are flawed.
Best Fitness is the only inversion tabe I am aware of that has a hard rubber brick between the canvas body support and the metal crosspiece of the table frame. This brick bites into the small of the human back making it very uncomfortable. When I questioned a support team member about this I was told it was less uncomfortable than the metal crosspiece to which the rubber brick is glued Now that's a negative conclusion.
Obviously the metal crossbpiece of the table frame should be a greater distance from the depressed canvas body support. The white rubber brick looks very out of place and is obviously an additional and necessary afterthought.
I will remove the rubber brick and re[place it with a foam rubber pipe sheath.
The rubber cups and frames that hold the ankles are too small for my ankles and probably those of an average adult caucasion male. They were possibly designed for asian feet.
I will have to modify the ankle holders in some way.
I am sure I will I gain health benefits from the B/F inversion table, however maybe my comments will be acted upon in the manufacture of future Best Fitness Inversion Tables.
Regards -- Matthew Hardy

Hi Matthew,
The BFINVER10R is manufactured in China but actually designed by our team in our USA headquarter and mostly sold in the USA, Europe and Australia, where we've sold a few thousands of this products over the past 10 years. Having said that, your feedback is certainly very much appreciated and will be taken into account, if possible, on future iterations of the product. We just need to make sure that any changes don't cause any unintended issues for most customers.
Also, please check our return policy here and let us know if you prefer to return instead of making the modifications on the product. We're happy to assist however suits you best!
Thanks again,
Best Fitness Support Team

Great value!

Well priced dumbbells, very quick delivery. Happy with the product and service! Would recommend.

Excellent product

All good 👍🏻 excellent service and product.

Excellent Quality, Value and Service

I purchased the Rugged squat rack with the extension, lat pull-down attachment, dip handles, pin and pipe safeties, extra J hooks and a flat-incline bench for my new garage gym.

After researching extensively, I decided that this setup offered the best blend of quality and value for my needs.

My allocated home gym space is 2 m deep, which meant the half rack was the option for me, although 2.5 m would be even better if you wanted some space in front of the rack, as the bench *just* fits, though there is a little overhang due to the wheels.

I managed to assemble it all by myself, which was fairly straightforward; ensure to plan it out though.

The rack is solid and stable, though there is a minor amount of lateral movement if you push it, to be expected as there is no horizontal bar at the back of the extensions.

With the extensions and pin and pipe safeties I can lift both inside and in front of the rack which is great for alternating sets ie bench press and chin ups.

The only let down is the lat pull-down, it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s not as smooth as I hoped, which is annoying, especially for isolation exercises.

Something to be mindful of is the kneeling on the chin up bar. If you do a lot of muscle ups and other dynamic movements, it’s probably not the best choice.

Otherwise, if you are someone who focuses mostly on the basic barbell lifts - squats and presses, along with chin ups and dips, pull-down and rows, it’s a fantastic setup that will last a lifetime.

Hi Nick, thanks for your detailed review, that's very informative and helpful to other customers.
About the lat attachment, we suggest you use a bit of silicone spray and it should run very smoothly.
Warm regards,
Best Fitness Support Team

Easy setup, sturdy, fun, and great value air rower

Top commercial quality air rowing machine. I've used the Concept 2 in the gym many times. I actually prefer our new Endurance rower. Both machines are virtually identically except for the price tag - the Endurance Air Rower is much better value for money. It's very sturdy and suitable for me as a 5'4 female and for my 6'3 husband. Loads of settings to challenge yourself, and also compete with others for fun. Highly recommend! Best Fitness provided excellent service, were very responsive and helpful with rower information and delivery.

Well constructed and easily assembled machine. Very quiet flywheel and smooth gliding seat. Useful computer with large readout.

Excellent so far

Machine is sturdy and wonderful to use.

Great commercial quality rower at a home gym price!

Solid construction, works perfectly.

Solid, stable and functional

Awesome piece of kit. Bench is solid and comfortable- leg attachment is great for extensions (seems to work better doing 1 leg at a time but could just be me). Leg bit was just a bonus add on anyway tbf- the bench itself is worth the price tag.

power rack

great product,well constructed,will be well used

Body-Solid GFT100

The Functional Trainer offered by Best Fitness stands out as an exceptional product within its class. It boasts top-notch quality from a reliable brand and sets itself apart with its impressive upgradability, accommodating weight stacks of up to 140kg (inquire with Best Fitness for the upgrade). This gym ensures it caters to your current and future fitness requirements as your strength progresses.

I had a positive experience with Best Fitness' customer service during my purchase, and I enthusiastically endorse them.

One recommendation I have is considering professional assembly to optimize the performance of your new gym.

Great Smith Machine

This is a great Smith Machine. Takes about 1 to 2 hours to set up properly. It is heavy-duty and well-built, and I look forward to using it in the coming months/years. :)

I bought the bar and bench for my sons and they are thrilled. we have all being working out and getting fitter and healthier every day. Travis is turning 18 on the 5th of Aug and
i'd like to get him the squad frame i've seen online , i'm still looking lol.

I bought the bar and bench for my sons and they are thrilled. we have all being working out and getting fitter and healthier every day. Travis is turning 18 on the 5th of Aug and
i'd like to get him the squad frame i've seen online , i'm still looking lol.

Great machine!

I'm enjoying using this machine for my home workouts, great variety of exercises. It was easy to put together, impressed with the quality, it feels very robust, I still need to play around with the tensioning system so it's easier to adjust the weights. It would have been good to have the weights labelled so I could accurately determine the level, otherwise very happy with the machine.

Added weights

plates work really well. best bang for buck out there