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BF Power Rack - love it!

Excellent value for money. Strong for most uses.
Delivery was quick and FREE!!
I called the number before buying this, and the guy I spoke with was extremely helpful. Highly recommend this rack and BF!

Great value

Excellent cable machine for the price. Could do with some more weight in the stack but otherwise really happy. Lucas was excellent and quick to answer emails, great service. Thanks guys!

Best Fitness Power Rack
Kevin Willoughby

I just wanted the cheapest. But I wasn't expecting the best!
Just unbelievable value. Thankyou.

Garage Gym

Great product and price. Very happy with my new power rack and bench. Both are solid and delivery was quick.

Impressive rack and super quick delivery

Solid and stable rack. Delivered to Sydney in 3 days

Great product and super quick delivery

Strong and solid rack and cable attachment. Delivery is impressive, 3 business days to get to sydney

Good service from these guys.

Useful for intermediate to advanced lifters.

I find the added weight useful for excersises like cable shrugs and cable crunches. I haven't used the entire weight stack for any excercise.


Fabulous quality
Great price
Quick delivery
Easy set up

Really happy with the quality. I was worried it might aggravate my lower back injury - I haven't had it very long, but so far so good. Much prefer to do this over squats.

This is a fantastic machine

Great quality for price

Purchased for home gym due to price and reviews and we are very pleased with the quality.

Best Fitness Power Rack
Damien Rowley
Fantastic gym equipment

We ordered a reclining bench and squat rack. Both products were of excellent quality - very sturdy and the prices are more than reasonable. Highly recommend

Absolutely fab 😊

This bench is fantastic - so very solid and great quality for a reasonable price. After ordering the bench it was in our home within a week ( including being a little held up once it was in our state ). No assembly required which is a huge bonus. Awesome 👏

Simple and easy

I was going to order the smaller functional trainer. Called the owner who was very helpful and upsold me to the larger functional trainer which I am extremely happy with. Thank you. Love the equipment. Very easy to put together and a lot of enjoyment using it. Again thank you. I’m a very happy customer.

Would not buy from Best Fitness again

Shocking customer service. Ignoring my emails. It has been nearly 4 weeks since they “shipped” and still has not turned up.

No communication or accountability.

Hi Kevin, yes your delivery is extremely delayed, and we do apologize. The freight carrier is struggling with deliveries in some specific areas of NSW, yours included. However, allow me to disagree with a few other points you mentioned. We have been communicating consistently with you and the carrier, you have been cc'ed in this communication. We take full responsibility (accountability) for your delivery and guarantee you will not be at a loss ever when purchasing from Best Fitness. Either your order will be delivered or you can request a full refund anytime if you prefer not to wait any longer, which is totally understandable, as the delayed delivery is our responsibility. Feel free to contact us anytime via email or the phone numbers already provided in our previous communication. Thank you!

Sturdy rack, fast delivery

I am so impressed with this rack! Very thick steel and super sturdy. The setup was very easy.
Super fast delivery, ordered on the Thursday and received it by the following Monday. I live regional/remote Vic and was very impressed by this especially considering shipping was free!
Highly recommend, would purchase again! 👌🏻

Excellent Power Rack!

Even though it's an entry level rack and at the lower end of the price spectrum, don't be fooled - this rack is perfect for 99% of lifters out there!

Shipped promptly, I received it within a week of ordering (even in the middle of Covid lockdown restrictions). Easy to assemble - I put it together by myself in about 45mins.

It's very safe and sturdy. The pin pipes are heavy duty - so even if you dump your max squat onto them they will hold up. However, I definitely recommend drilling it into a platform before lifting heavy weight (if you rack 150kg+ with full force it is likely to tilt if it's not secured to the ground). It's about 20cm shorter than your average rack, so it fits comfortably in a garage gym or spare bedroom, but still has plenty of room to move.

The top and bottom sides of the rack have holes all along them for band pegs if you want to train Westside style with bands for accommodating resistance. I haven't seen many other racks at this price point that offer this feature.

The only downside I have found to this rack so far is that the J-Hooks are lined in 2 parts with cheap plastic, and then one part is exposed metal. So if you have a nice barbell you may want to invest in a nicer pair of J-hooks, or attach some better quality rubber or plastic to the inside (to avoid potential wear and tear on your barbell). They also swing quite easily which can make it difficult to adjust and centre the barbell when it's loaded with heavy-ish weight. But other than that, this is a great power rack.

It's safety rated for 317kg (although I suspect it could handle a fair bit more), so unless you are an elite level powerlifter this power rack will likely be all you ever need and last you a lifetime. There really is no need to go out and spend thousands on another rack when this one has all the basic features you need.

I've since changed my previous review. I assembled the top pulley wrong so it was rubbing but now it's fixed. The first hole wasn't too small, it was meant for a cap screw to keep the pulley centred. I ordered it on a Thursday in Sydney arrived the following Tuesday so it was a quick delivery. They offered to replace the rusty part for free though, It didn't affect the performance of the machine. The rust could be removed quite easily. So in summary, delivery was fast, great customer service, sturdy, does the job. Good price.

Hi Blake, please email with photos of rusted or damaged parts, as well as the part numbers shown in the assembly manual, and we will send you replacement parts for those. As for the issue you described with the pulleys, this sounds more like something wrong with the assembly, which we can also help identify and correct if you send a short video demonstrating clearly what the issue is. Thank you!


So impressed with the quality and value of this product. The reviews were so great but now I can see why.

Solid and Stable, Easy to setup

Very solid and stable…Easy to setup. Using the squat rack for incline and decline bench press as well Very happy with the product. Shipping took a 10 days but worth the wait

Awesome machine

Awesome machine! Easy to put together.
Easy to use and super flexible in terms of exercises that can be done on it.

Very happy

Fantastic customer service.
And love the machine very quite and solid.
A great buy.

Excellent product, fast delivery

This rack arrived within a few days of ordering. It is a sturdy, well finished rack which is easy to assemble, though it helps to have another person to hold the uprights whilst you attach them to the base. Also looks smart and not too intrusive in a home gym situation. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend for a home gym or even small boutique commercial operation.

Absolute winner

Looks very Rugged🤣. A quality piece of home gym, will last a lifetime for sure. Super fast delivery too. Neat packaging. Super quick n easy assembly. Happy with the rack. 5⭐️/5⭐️