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Good quality bench

Very happy with my purchase. Bench quality is quite good, works flawlessly on multiple angles.
Additional kudos to Bestfitness support team! My original delivery was lost in transit by the courier company, however the Support team from Bestfitness has helped with a new delivery (via a different courier), which did make it through to Melbourne.
I'd recommend to use Bestfitness for your sport equipment needs!

Happy rower, just awesome!

I've been looking at getting a rower for home use since it's a major part of my training when at the gym. My go to has always been the Concept2 as many will agree... it's the industry standard.

Following much research and seeing so many positive reviews from multiple sources I took the plunge and went with the R300. I am so happy I did, it's every bit as good as the C2 and has a fantastic warranty. The build quality is rock solid and super stable, I'm 6ft1, 120kg and this thing doesn't even know I'm on it.

Very happy with the R300 and the hassle free service from BF.

Works Well

I bought the lat pulldown machine and it's a great addition to the smith machine. Everything runs smoothly after adding the lubrication for the guide poles. However, there were some issues with installation in the instruction sheet but nothing too hard to fix. Assembly didn't take too long. The best part is that this machine allows the standard weight plates to be put on it instead of the rectangular weight stack if you don't have those.

Great bench

Solid bench, easy to use and on wheels! Brilliant


I've handled with great quality racks- brands ranging from Rogue, Verve, ATX, and Ironmaster. And also handled poor quality ones that are say 50mmx50mm (2x2). I managed to hunt down some happy Rugged rack owners and also got their thoughts before making my purchase. I'll echo with them by saying this is a high quality rack and you won't be disappointed with the quality. I didn't opt for the other brands due to the price and what my budget is limited to. I was glad to find this because it seems to be a hidden gem. Not highly marketed anywhere and not highly spoken about in the online fitness communities.

Firstly, when everything arrived at once in under 1 week from purchasing, I was shocked at how fast it it arrived at my door step between South Australia to Melbourne during Covid lockdowns! Not only that, all the boxes were not squashed or in bad shape. The condition was like as if it came straight from the factory. The edges of the boxes and everything was unreal. Nothing damaged. The provided manual instruction is thorough and in depth. There are clear illustrations to assist with the assembly. It took me and a couple of buddies a couple of hours. Make sure you have a socket and wrench kit - big sockets as the rack doesn't come with one. All the bolts, nuts and spacers are of good quality. Threads don't strip easily. Which meant I didn't come across any issues or obstacles while assembling the rack. The paint coating and 11 gauge steel is superb. It feels very solid out of the box and I wasn't expecting the amount of heft to each piece while assembling the rack. I'll have no worries for years to come with wear and tear. Built on a leveled ground, the rack will not sway or rock at all while doing pull ups and racking heavy weight on. My friends and I have very high confidence while doing dips and pull ups.

It comes with nicely laser cut numbers on each side of the posts so you won't have a hard time lining the J hooks and safety bars up. It has the modern Westside hole spacing half way up the rack which is a nice feature for bench pressing as a lot of racks from other brands now come like this. The pair of J hooks are standard with UMHW plastic, which do the job. I had no issues with their fitment on the rack. Rod and safety bars are a bit tedious to adjust each time as they are a two piece part for each, so requires a bit of admin but will definitely do their job if it ever comes down to it. It comes with a straight pull up bar which has a very nice knurling to it and is an added benefit for a no slip grip.

I also purchased the lat pulldown attachment and the dip bar as extras. I wasn't too happy with the nylon bushing that slides up the guide rail at first. It meant for a bit of resistance. This was resolved with the Bestfitness/Rugged team's technician providing some helpful tips and solutions which in the end had it going up and down quite smoothly with little to none resistance. Note, the plate holders are fixed and cannot be removed - the only plates that will fit on are olympic sized.

The dip bar is is also solid equally to the rack in terms of quality and heft. Like the J hooks, the fitment was perfect.

Being a 2x3 or 50mmx75mm rack, you'll have a hard time finding attachments for it in Australia. Because every other retailer generally sells 50x50mm, 60x60 or 75x75 racks. This one being an outlier among all. Although in the States, you've got the Rogue R-3 Inifinity and the Titan T-3 rack which is near identical to this rack's dimensions and they have a plethora of attachments available to go with it as extras. You could probably try and import them here but it may cost an arm and a leg. In addition to that, this rack's hole size for the attachments are 5/8 inches. With that being said, the ability to "do more" with the rack is quite limiting such as having a multi grip pull up bar, upgrading the safety spotter arms, having an extra pair of J hooks for convenience, etc.

I dealt with Lucas at Bestfitness and he was an absolute legend with answering every one of my questions promptly and professionally, even after business hours surprisingly. Rest assured, there's an actual technician to assist if you have any issues. I don't understand how we're all able to purchase this rack only alone for under $1000 including with shipping! To get the same quality albeit different dimensions, you're looking at over $1400 in Australia after doing a lot of research.

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and on going support from the Bestfitness and Rugged team. If you can live with the above con of lack of attachments and availability of them then I would definitely recommend this.

Cable crossover

We received our cable crossover machine within 2 weeks of ordering.
The machine was easy to put together and works great. It is exactly like the description and we are really happy with the quality.

Smith Machine & Lat Pulldown

The machine is a solid piece of metal, works well, and is very sturdy. The delivery was 1 day early too and was packed nicely. Wasn't hard to move the boxes. I've had no complaints with Best Fitness from the other time I bought from them. However, I do have some complaints this time around. The guide rod that the weight carriage/bar slides on had rust right out of the box, and I tried wiping it off but to no avail. The weight carriage/bar itself is a pain to put on without a second person to help because it's heavy, and you need to stand on a ladder or chair to lift it up and guide it onto the guide rod. The weight carriage just wouldn't fit onto the guide rods and took multiple tries to get it on. The one thing that frustrated me the most is the 8mm diameter button nylon bushing that you'll need to insert into the weight carriage so that the weight carriage can slide. Some of the bushings just wouldn't go in and stay in, and when I went to put the weight carriage/bar onto the guide rods, a few of the bushings would fall out into the guide rod's opening, and I had to take extra time and effort to disassemble the guide rod from the frame to get the bushing. Once it's all assembled, it seems to work fine, and the price and reliability that Best Fitness has beats all the other competitions. One of my recommendations is if they could install some of the smaller items to the frame before shipping it off to make home installation easier. Some of the reviews say it's an easy assembly and I don't see any complaints about rust or hard installations, so maybe I'm the only one who had issues with it.

Endurance by Body-Solid Rower
James Dowdeswell
Awesome rower

Similar to other reviews I did a fair bit of research and the Concept 2 was on the radar as ‘the best’. This rower I would say is actually better, I’m 6’5 and the size works well and seat height is good. The screen is a little different but actually really good and it is to easy to use the computer. Very happy given the price difference over the Concept 2. Highly recommend.


i only have one box delivered (half) the other box is over the road in couriers warehouse but he wont deliver it , we have had this problem before and others.

Hi Maree, we do apologize for this trouble with your delivery. We have been chasing the carrier and they finally indicated that the missing box will be delivered this Thursday. Please do let us know in case you don't receive it by then. Again, sorry and thanks for your cooperation!

Awesome little machine!

FAST FAST FAST delivery.. ordered sunday and arrive tuesday morning. Compact size. Easy glide, works great.
Had to buy larger clips, small ones were to fiddly.. best addition to our home gym!

Powerline flat/incline/decline weight bench

I've only had this product for a few days now but it looks and feels very sturdy. Very impressed thus far.


Online order , delivered quick and easy to sort

Great bench!! totally satisfied

The delivery was surprisingly fast, considering pandemic and lockdowns.
The bench is sturdy and I am fully satisfied with it. The best part is its compact and can be stored under the bed (with 23cm clearace)

Body Solid Endurance Air Bike

Good price and products seems to be durable. Works well and assembly was easy. Good delivery time….happy customer. Thank you!

Lat machine

- Fast shipping
- Great value for its price
- Easy to assemble
- Comfortable when executing exercises.
- Dynamic machine that allows to perform plenty of exercises when you purchase other attachments (Rope, ankle straps, v-bar etc)

- Carbiner it comes with is small which makes it difficult to take attachments on and off, however easily solved by purchasing a larger sized one.
- Using low cable involves removing the seat and connecting the low cable to top cable which can be a little tedious
- Depending on your body's length measurements, executing the pulldown may be awkward to achieve full range of motion at the top as the object that stops the weights is a bit high
- Performing heavy low cable exercises (+40kg) causes the machine to move, so you will have to have something heavy enough to counteract it.

Top quality power rack, pleasure to to deal with

I purchased the rugged Y100 power rack with dip attachment. Could tell it’s top quality before I even used it and is def as advertised “commercial quality” and I’ll purchasing more rugged attachments.

Great customer service from the team at best fitness who responded to my questions regarding assembly in minutes.

A pleasure to deal with and I will continue to purchased gym equipment from them 5/5


Great product, came so quickly.

Half the price of alternatives and a superior product. Such a great use of space... able to do all powerlifts in limited space. The design is perfect.

Easy to assemble with two people, took an hour. Only fault is that some of the pins that lock the mounts don't fit all the way through their hole. Not a huge problem though. Two were fine, two didn't fit.

Hi Michael, please send an email to with the part number of these faulty pins and we will send you the replacements. You can find the part number on the assembly manual. Thank you!

Powerline incline/decline bench

Extremely happy would definitely buy other products.

Best Fitness Functional Trainer
Terrence henderson (bobterry09)

Grandson loves it wont get off it


These are high-quality benches.
Build extremely solid and are mega value for money

Great service great product with great price

Great power rack

Nothing to complain about really - overall this is an excellent power rack which is great value especially at this price point
Very stable when resting barbell as well as using for pull ups.
Great quality - very sturdy
Red finish was much better than expected, safety rails will scrape when changing but honestly not much to complain about
Would recommend

Great product

Everything I have got from these guys has been great


Easy to assemble on my own and so far so good .
Very quick delivery which is awesome 😎

Great value piece, excellent customer service

Best fitness do things the right way. Lightning fast delivery, great product , easy assembly.
For the price this Smith machine is fantastic!