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I have been wanting an Air bike for a long time and this one is the perfect size and price - I use it multiple times a day - exactly what I wanted! Super easy to assemble as all the trick parts were already assembled. Very Happy!


On a mission love the quality of the machine


Great with my rugged rack!! Great quality

Great but…

I wish you sold additional weights for the functional trainer because I am maxed out and need to keep going.

Hi Michaell, indeed the BFFT10R is a very solid and smooth cable machine but it is a light weight stack machine because it's a single stack shared by both sides of the machine. That's actually a feature and the only way to keep the price point where it is. The weight plates are the most relevant cost item when building these types of cable machines. We also offer a dual stack heavy weight load cable machine in our PFT100X, and this not only has 2 heavier stacks to begin with, but also the option to upgrade the stacks and make them even heavier. I hope this clarifies the product range!

Assault bike

Top quality assault bike. Easy assembly. Fast delivery. Great price. 5 out of 5 👍

Enjoying the rower and great customer service

I bought this rower back in July 2021. I decided to wait a while before writing this review. I can't fault the pre-purchase and after-sale customer service. Lucas and the team are fantastic. The flywheel developed some strange noise after two weeks. Their manufacturer and team were very good at sending me videos etc to diagnose the problem. Luckily, it was probably just the loose screws on the frame. It was not an issue with the flywheel. Even if it was the flywheel, they were more than happy to send me a replacement part. As for the rower, it severs me good so far and i really like it. It is very sturdy. While the program isn't as fancy as concept 2, it is good enough for me. The polar chest strap connection is a bonus. I hope Endurance can build their name with this rower and as indestructible as concept 2 in the years to come. Time will tell.

Very satisfied

Good price and quick delivery.

Fitness rack

Quick delivery, nice and sturdy and easy to esemble

Powerline flat/incline/decline/folding Bench

Excellent product. Just as described. Really happy with my purchase.

Great bench!

Good quality, easy to you. Easy to put together!

Best Fitness AB Mantis Bench
Melanie Montgomery✔️
AB mantis bench

I’ve been using ab machine for several weeks now and I’m happy with my purchase. The leg raise moment isolates abdominal muscles very effectively and the crunch moment does a reasonable job too! I think it represents value for money as the machines I have used that are better all cost at least 5 times what the AB MANTIS did!

Really great

Great product and the free postage for such a large piece of equipment is fantastic. Better value than going to a gym if you have the space at home that is

Solid contruction

The lat attachment is a solid piece of equipment and easy to install.

Compact, sturdy and value for money

Good piece of equipment.

Shipping was fast (2 days).

The frame installation took me about an hour and a half (unboxing included).
The lat accessory took me another hour and a half. The tricky bit was realizing that the cable runs THROUGH the top bar.
Tip: Do not tighten screws until you are completely done.

Overall, a good piece of equipment and cheaper to get it as a set.
I can now get rid of my Best Fitness Vertical Knee raise dip as this multifunctional equipment does it all.

Fits well in my gym room, and saves a lot of time, compared to going to the gym.

Seems like a good product

The delivery was abysmal. I have a disability and the driver left the three heavy boxes at the entrance to my secure block of units, even though I was standing at my front door. A neighbour had to help me drag them into my unit. I independently sourced a local company who put it together for me. It took their tradesman three hours to assemble it - they were fantastic. Lucky I printed a copy of the assembly manual as the paper copy wasn't in the first box opened. The home gym is now assembled, but I need to get some silicone spray to lubricate it as it is very stiff to use. There was none provided with the home gym, so have sourced it separately. Hopefully this will loosen the machine and make it easy to use. There was a rolled up sheet of exercises to use, though I'll get my exercise physiologist to run over these with me. Fingers crossed.

Best Fitness Power Rack
Sullivan Parle


Smooth and quality

Enjoying it. Putting together was easy and it’s a great addition to the home gym. Need to get batteries for the display it does come on once rowing. Comparable to the concept 2 rower

Powerline Smith Machine
Lee-Anne Helyar
Love It ❤️🏋️‍♀️

I recently purchased a Smith Machine online from Best Fitness & I absolutely love it, delivery was quick, my partner had no problems putting it together & it works well so glad I found these guys online, prior to purchasing I was unsure if it was for me & if it would work with the weights I already had so I was emailing back & forth with lots of questions & these guys were amazing they replied to each message promptly & answered all of my questions with easy to understand info, it was a fantastic price also ❤️🏋️‍♀️💪

An amazing rig, beautiful finish, easy to put together and study when using for lifts however, not good for kipping (CrossFit) movements! It starts to tip over. Any tips ok how to make it more sturdy is greatly appreciated! :) besides that, it’s the best and GREAT value for money.

22.68kg weight stack for Body-Solid machine

Simple and fast purchase and delivery. The weights fit perfectly and the whole experience was really positive.

Great addition to the power rack

Easy to build, great for lat pull down but also so versatile as you can use it for so many other workouts, worth buying a bunch of other attachments too

Best Fitness Power Rack
Tobias Davidson
Just Buy It

If you're anything like me, you've had grandiose dreams of eventually building a home-gym. No more weekly fees, no more sweaty strangers, no more waiting for the bench. But in the back of your mind there has been a doubting voice that warns of exorbitant cost, wobbly equipment, and getting pinned alone at home while attempting a bench PR. It's too difficult, you thought. Maybe I'll look into it in the future, you thought.

But then COVID hit. And you could finally justify investing in some iron - it's for your health after all, right? So you Google "best fitness rack Australia" and come across a million different results, some that seem too cheap, and some with mind-boggling price tags, sporting the latest in powerlifting jargon. But how much do you really want to spend? And what's the trade-off between price and quality? That voice in the back of your mind continues to whisper. Will the rack be big enough? Will it wobble? Where do I begin?

But then something catches your eye. A glorious red. A reasonable price tag. Excellent use of SEO. Five star reviews. It just seems too good to be true. So you venture into the reviews, hoping the sleuth out any bots or employees that might be inflating the figures. To your surprise - you don't find any. Just honest Aussies giving honest answers.

I wasn't 100% convinced, either. I hit that "checkout" button with my wallet shaking, and the 3 digits from my credit card's CVC number swirling around in my head. I STILL wasn't convinced when it arrived on my doorstep just a matter of days later. Not even when I unboxed it. But then I started putting it together, and felt the bolts tighten on the other end of my wrench. No wobbles, I thought. Interesting. Then I stepped into the rack. Plenty of room - just about the same size as the one at the gym, I thought. Interesting.

Slowly I began to realise that my grandiose dreams were no longer a mythical mystery. They were finally coming true - in the most beautiful shade of "go faster" red that I had ever seen.

I've been abusing this rack for the past five months. Sure, I may have chipped some paint off the bar hooks, but other than that it's as good as new. Not one wobble, not one PR failure, and ZERO sweaty strangers doing curls when I want to squat. It's pure bliss. It's the beginning of my home-gym ecosystem.

If you're after a solid, inexpensive rack to add to your home-gym - this is it. Just buy it.

great bench

tough structures and great quality materials