We have a long term commitment to our Australian customers with whom we work to provide a quality and affordable health and fitness lifestyle.

To enable this we stock a wide range of high-quality gym equipment to suit your budget, lifestyle and fitness needs and are proud to offer some of the world’s leading fitness brands.

All the brands below are proudly part of the Body-Solid Family


Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry-leader Body-Solid. Affordably priced and ergonomically designed to fit any household, Best Fitness machines are tested tough and proven effective for a wide range of healthy strength and cardiovascular workouts.

Built to last by the manufacturers of world-renowned Body-Solid products, Best Fitness equipment is designed to help you achieve your goals on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. If you're ready to commit to building the body you've always wanted or maintaining the one you've already worked hard to achieve, Best Fitness delivers low cost, effective and space-conscious designs.

Bring it on home with Best Fitness!


You can have a great body and a healthier lifestyle. And Powerline Strength Training Equipment can get you there. If you run your own personal training studio, hotel and condominium fitness centre or exercise physiology clinic, the Powerline strength machines will fit right into your budget and delivery commercial grade design with high durability and low maintenance cost.

From the privacy of your own home or small fitness facility, you and your customers can work out as you would in a full commercial gym setting for a fraction of the cost and same quality of performance.

Powerline Strength Training Equipment, strength at its best!


Developed in 2018 and sold exclusively in Australia by, Rugged Fitness Power Racks and accessories offer state-of-the-art strength equipment for home gyms, garage gyms, personal training studios, fitness centres all the way up to super high intensity commercial facilities.

Each Rugged Fitness product is expertly crafted to exceed expectations and withstand the rigors of a lifetime of intense workouts. Constructed with 2”x3”, 11-gauge steel frames and a black powder coat finish, Rugged Fitness equipment is built to last and can be loaded up to 450 Kg of weight on power racks and cable attachments.

Rugged Fitness, adaptable, durable, powerful!


Endurance is built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial health club equipment, delivering incredible features and performance. Try to find a better cardio equipment or a more efficient workout, and you'll end up at the gym.

These exceptional rowers and bikes are built to challenge you to a lifetime of intense cardio workouts at an affordable price.

Love high intensity interval training on an air rower or air bike? Meet Endurance!

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For over 30 years, Body-Solid has been building better bodies and improving the quality of life for people around the world. Over 5 million Body-Solid customers are enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday activities. We are dedicated to building equipment that are strong, reliable, and affordable.

The Body-Solid products and its family of brands are developed and designed with multiple markets in mind, from personal training studios to small fitness centres, schools, military bases, commercial health clubs, businesses and homes. Body-Solid is recognized worldwide as the leader in home gyms and strength training equipment. That’s our specialty.

Home Gyms that will last a lifetime ... GUARANTEED!

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Designed to fit your lifestyle as neatly and inconspicuously as they fit into your home or health club, this durable line of fitness bars, medicine balls and accessories in general are there when you need them and out of the way when you don't.

Body-Solid Tools are available in incremental weights and sizes, putting you in complete control over the intensity of your workouts as well as the rate at which you gain strength, stability, and flexibility.

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