Rugged Series Weight Plate & Dumbbell Rack (Rack Only, Weights Not Included)

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Dumbbells can be placed on the two customizable dumbbell shelves while weight plates and bumper plates fit comfortably on the bottom of the rack.

Rack only, dumbbells/plates/barbell not included. Upright mount bar holder not included, available to be purchased separately as item Y255.

  • Store dumbbells and weight/bumper plates in one rack
  • Fully-customizable height for dumbbell trays
  • Dimensions: 55cm L x 130cm W x 107cm H
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • Optional Upright Mount Bar Holder (Y255) available to be purchased separately (shown on 2nd image above)

This equipment range will stand the highest fitness and strength training levels, perfect for the hardcore home gym and all fitness facilities up to heavy duty commercial gyms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
justin d'evelynes
Rugged dumbbell and plate rack

This is as excellent piece of equipment,solid and enough room for 7 or so pairs of dumbbells plus all my plates.
Id have no problem buying this brand again,HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Big Timmy
Gets the job done

Pretty solid unit, alot bigger than it looks on the photos

Main flaw with the rack is the angle of the middle dumbbell shelf, it is straight in line with the top shelf and not slightly forward like other dumbbell racks are designed, so when I grab dumbbells on that middle shelf I'm always banging my forearms on it, unfortunately I can only give it a 4 star rating because of this flaw, if Rugged/Body-Solid can redesign the angle of a shelf so it protrudes forward more than the other then maybe it'd be fixed, but perhaps the rack might tip over if it's too far forward also, so maybe it can't be done. I tried to change the height of the shelves too to avoid the banging, but similar outcomes, so left it like this.

I have currently got 25s, 27.5s and 32.5s on the top shelf so I'm not banging my arms on it (the 32.5s are the heaviest I can strongarm to that height after a set to fatigue which is well above hip height and I'm a big guy too). As you can see in the photo I've got a few pairs on the floor still that won't fit on the vertical rack or this rack, so I'll likely give away that vertical rack eventually and buy another storage rack elsewhere with angled shelves that doesn't have that forearm banging issue. There is also 22.5s, 12.5s, 10s and 7.5s on the middle shelf, so some people will get 3 medium-heavy pairs of dumbbells on a shelf, others could squeeze in 4 maybe 5 smaller pairs on a shelf, this was the best way to configure it for my needs for now using the weights I'd use regularly. There was a little bit more wiggle room on the top shelf with the 25s, 27.5s and 32.5s so maybe 30s, 32.5s and 35s will squeeze in, definitely 27.5s, 30s and 32.5s will fit.

The good news is if you can get around the forearm banging my 40kg dumbbells do fit on the shelves, though I'm not sure how many bigger sizes would get onto the shelf as there was only a cm or 2 of contact point left on the front half of the 40s when the back half of the dumbbell is sitting snug in place on the lip, anything really bigger wouldn't sit properly and would fall forward.

End of the day I'll use this storage rack for my lighter 5-20kg range dumbbells and have something more user friendly for the 22.5s-40kgs, particularly when I'm fatigued and need to dump the dumbbells back onto the rack easily. I'm also a very tall guy at over 6"5 so potentially shorter people may not have the forearm issue I had with different body leverages at play, but for my smaller-medium pairs this will do the job nicely.

The toaster rack is HUGE, only 1 pair of 20s on there currently but I could easily get 250-300kg of bumpers on this easily (my other bumpers are either sitting on my power rack or on my plate tree), so yeah as a mass storage unit it's still very useful and will serve a long term purpose, also has the capacity to hold 2 barbells which is nice to get them out of the way, just buy the vertical mount barbell holder and screw them in. All M16 hardware like the Rugged power racks/half racks too, so just need a 24mm wrench and a 24mm socket for a 1/2 drive ratchet and it's easy to put together and maintain.

Jess Lakner

Weight rack is great quality, is larger and sturdier than expected. Holds heaps of plates and is a good height for both dumbbell racks. Very happy with this item.