Powerline Smith Machine

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A true powerhouse that's often imitated but never duplicated, the Powerline PSM144X Smith Machine combines the sophistication of free weight power and resistance with the safety and control of a machine.

The unit is ideal for everything from squats to bench presses to shoulder shrugs, with Powerline's patented Super-Glide carriage riding smoothly within the four 5-by-5cm , 12-gauge steel pillars.

Once you load on the weights, the bar lifts and lowers in a controlled manner, so you needn't worry about losing your balance during a lift or loading on more weight than you can handle.

The machine also offers 14 lockout positions and adjustable safeties to guarantee the lifter's security while helping him or her strive for greater muscle gains.

Other details include spotter extensions for when you're working out alone and a scratch- and rust-resistant, powder-coated finish.

The Smith Machine measures 193 by 203 by 114cm (W x H x D) and carries a 10-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all other parts.

Powerline, strength training at its best!

  • Versatile workout machine that combines free weight power with machine safety
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180 kg
  • Patented Super-Glide carriage rides smoothly within quartet of 12-gauge steel pillars
  • 14 lockout positions and adjustable safeties help guarantee the lifter's security
  • Spotter extensions for working out alone; scratch- and rust-resistant finish
  • Measures 193 x 203 x 114.3cm (W x H x D); 10-year warranty on the frame