Endurance by Body-Solid Rower

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The Endurance by Body-Solid R300 Indoor Rower delivers an effective low-impact cardio and total body workout. Not only does the rowing movement provide users with high-intensity calorie-burning cardio but works quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps, hip flexors and more.
User-controlled air resistance puts users in full control for a balanced and coordinated workout. The R300 is a self-generating machine eliminating power requirements for peak energy efficiency in home or commercial settings. A precision-engineered flywheel design minimizes noise. Nickel-plated chain offers unmatched durability in even the most intense environments.

A textured, ergonomic handle allows users to row with natural hand and arm positions while fully-adjustable footrests provide users a safe and comfortable workout on the R300 Indoor Rower. A convenient cell phone holder can be used for both entertaining and workout tracking purposes.

The interactive console reports on time, heart rate, calories, paddle width, stroke rate, distance cycle and watts and is Polar compatible.  8 different exercise programs - Quick Start, Distance, Time, Calories, Game, Intervals (20/10. 10/20. 10/10) - are also built into the console. 9 resistance levels.

Ideal for home, commercial and group workout settings.  Rowers have seen a resurgence of popularity in recent years driven in part by their usage in cross fit and other hot exercise programs.  Pair this with our other cross fit oriented product like our FB300 Fan Bike and our new Power Racks and Half Racks to satisfy the needs of any training facility. 

Push your body to the absolute limit with intense movements designed to test your cardio endurance and provide unmatched upper body engagement.
  • Provides effective low-impact cardio and total body workout
  • Movement works quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps, hip flexors and more
  • User-controlled air resistance wheel responds to your level of intensity
  • 9 resistance levels
  • Self-generating machine eliminates power requirements
  • Flywheel design minimizes noise
  • Easily separates into multiple pieces for easy storage
  • Convenient cell phone holder for entertainment and tracking
  • Ergonomic handle and adjustable footrests for safe and comfortable workouts
  • Nickel plated chain offers unmatched durability
  • Ideal for home, commercial and group workout settings
  • Covered under Endurance by Body-Solid’s residential and commercial warranty
  • Display features Track Time, Stroke, Heart Rate (with wireless Heart Rate Strap), Calories, Paddle Width, Stroke Rate, Distance, Cycle & Watts.
  • Connect to wireless heart rate Strap.  Polar compatible.
  • Eight Different Exercise Programs (Quick Start, Distance, Time, Calories, Game, Intervals (20/10. 10/20. 10/10)
  • Self-Generator to power the monitor during exercise
  • Cell phone Holder on the top of monitor
  • Weight Capacity: 149 Kg
  • Product Weight: 37 kg
  • Dimensions: 241 L x 62 W x 101 H (cm) - height to the top of the monitor
  • Seat height: 394 mm
  • Seat rail length: 119 cm
  • Handle length: 47 cm

This product features a Limited Lifetime Warranty for in-home, personal usage: lifetime on Frame, 5 years on parts, 6 months on wear items.

This product is Commercial Rated and features a commercial warranty: 15 years on frame, 3 years on parts, 6 months on wear items. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Tony Price
Happy rower, just awesome!

I've been looking at getting a rower for home use since it's a major part of my training when at the gym. My go to has always been the Concept2 as many will agree... it's the industry standard.

Following much research and seeing so many positive reviews from multiple sources I took the plunge and went with the R300. I am so happy I did, it's every bit as good as the C2 and has a fantastic warranty. The build quality is rock solid and super stable, I'm 6ft1, 120kg and this thing doesn't even know I'm on it.

Very happy with the R300 and the hassle free service from BF.

James Dowdeswell
Awesome rower

Similar to other reviews I did a fair bit of research and the Concept 2 was on the radar as ‘the best’. This rower I would say is actually better, I’m 6’5 and the size works well and seat height is good. The screen is a little different but actually really good and it is to easy to use the computer. Very happy given the price difference over the Concept 2. Highly recommend.

Very good rower

Yep, like so many others I bought this product also and did so off the back of these reviews.
Well I have to say it's a great item. I've used the Concept 2 at my gym for quite some time and am pleased to say that the R300 is just as good or if not a little better. So I would definitely recommend this rower to any serious users. it is certainly built for the long haul and the quality is excellent.

Just as good, if not better than a C2

Like many others, I have been an avid gym goer for years. I have been using Concept 2s for over 10 years with them being the industry standard and pinnacle for good reason.

I ummed and ahhed about buying a concept 2 and wouldn't be able to get one for under $1,800. Then I found the R300.

Having used this rower for over 2 weeks, rowing daily, it is a competitor,if not a strong contender for the top spot. It is sturdy, with an extremely good built quality that feels light heavy commercial and that extends to use as well. The screen is more informative than the C2s and backlit which is great for those night time rows. The phone holder is a win as well. I can row a lot longer while I watch some Netflix!

I highly recommend this product to anyone considering an alternative to a C2. Plus, you can get some other equipment for the home gym with what you save on the rower.

Peter Croft
Great rower

Very easy assembly and well laid our instructions. The rower is very robust and worked as expected straight away.

Ive used the Concept 2 at the Gym and this is every bit as good.

highly recommended