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The BFPR100 blends quality and value together in one of the most popular machines for strength training in Australia. Power racks are easy to use and provide a high level of safety to free weight lifters. You would have a hard time finding a gym anywhere without one.

The BFPR100 is affordable and perfect for anyone wanting a fully functional rack. But don’t be fooled by the price, the BFPR100 is made from heavy 14 gauge steel and will handle weights up to 227 kg. 23 adjustment positions for your lift offs and safeties ensure a proper starting position for a multitude of exercises.

Best Fitness, your home, your gym!

  • 2”x 2”, 14-gauge steel frame
  • 23 positions spread 7.6 cm
  • 2 adjustable lift offs and full length safety bars included
  • 227 kg capacity; dimensions: 119 W x 117 L x 211 H cm
  • Durable powder coat paint finish

Optional attachments to upgrade your BFPR100R (not included, must be purchased separately):

Customer Reviews

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Fitness rack

Quick delivery, nice and sturdy and easy to esemble

Compact, sturdy and value for money

Good piece of equipment.

Shipping was fast (2 days).

The frame installation took me about an hour and a half (unboxing included).
The lat accessory took me another hour and a half. The tricky bit was realizing that the cable runs THROUGH the top bar.
Tip: Do not tighten screws until you are completely done.

Overall, a good piece of equipment and cheaper to get it as a set.
I can now get rid of my Best Fitness Vertical Knee raise dip as this multifunctional equipment does it all.

Fits well in my gym room, and saves a lot of time, compared to going to the gym.

Sullivan Parle



An amazing rig, beautiful finish, easy to put together and study when using for lifts however, not good for kipping (CrossFit) movements! It starts to tip over. Any tips ok how to make it more sturdy is greatly appreciated! :) besides that, it’s the best and GREAT value for money.

Tobias Davidson
Just Buy It

If you're anything like me, you've had grandiose dreams of eventually building a home-gym. No more weekly fees, no more sweaty strangers, no more waiting for the bench. But in the back of your mind there has been a doubting voice that warns of exorbitant cost, wobbly equipment, and getting pinned alone at home while attempting a bench PR. It's too difficult, you thought. Maybe I'll look into it in the future, you thought.

But then COVID hit. And you could finally justify investing in some iron - it's for your health after all, right? So you Google "best fitness rack Australia" and come across a million different results, some that seem too cheap, and some with mind-boggling price tags, sporting the latest in powerlifting jargon. But how much do you really want to spend? And what's the trade-off between price and quality? That voice in the back of your mind continues to whisper. Will the rack be big enough? Will it wobble? Where do I begin?

But then something catches your eye. A glorious red. A reasonable price tag. Excellent use of SEO. Five star reviews. It just seems too good to be true. So you venture into the reviews, hoping the sleuth out any bots or employees that might be inflating the figures. To your surprise - you don't find any. Just honest Aussies giving honest answers.

I wasn't 100% convinced, either. I hit that "checkout" button with my wallet shaking, and the 3 digits from my credit card's CVC number swirling around in my head. I STILL wasn't convinced when it arrived on my doorstep just a matter of days later. Not even when I unboxed it. But then I started putting it together, and felt the bolts tighten on the other end of my wrench. No wobbles, I thought. Interesting. Then I stepped into the rack. Plenty of room - just about the same size as the one at the gym, I thought. Interesting.

Slowly I began to realise that my grandiose dreams were no longer a mythical mystery. They were finally coming true - in the most beautiful shade of "go faster" red that I had ever seen.

I've been abusing this rack for the past five months. Sure, I may have chipped some paint off the bar hooks, but other than that it's as good as new. Not one wobble, not one PR failure, and ZERO sweaty strangers doing curls when I want to squat. It's pure bliss. It's the beginning of my home-gym ecosystem.

If you're after a solid, inexpensive rack to add to your home-gym - this is it. Just buy it.