Powerline 45° Back Hyperextension

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It's a combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor, set at an exact 45° angle for ultimate conditioning.

Strengthen your lower back safely and comfortably on the strongest 45° Hyper available.

This combination Inverted Back Extension and Oblique Flexor is set to an exact 45° angle for optimum conditioning. Telescoping midsection pads adjust to all size users and feature thick, double stitched pads for comfort and support.

Over-sized 20cm foam rollers hold you securely in place. Fully adjustable 10.16cm thick midsection pads provide maximum comfort for all size users.

Powerline, strength training at its best!

  • Combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor bench
  • Set at an exact 45 degree angle
  • Telescoping, split midsection pads adjust for users of all sizes
  • 20.32 cm foam rollers
  • 10-year frame warranty; one-year warranty covers all other parts