Powerline Full Cage Power Rack

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Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPR1000 Power Rack offers features and reliability on par with our commercial-grade Power Racks at a lower cost.

Measuring at 210 cm tall, this Power Rack is shorter than most commercial power racks making it a great choice for basements, garage gyms or home gym applications. Included with the rack are a pair of j-cups liftoffs and pipe & pin safeties allowing users to safely workout alone with peace of mind.

  • High-quality power rack to fit in any home gym, garage or basement
  • Includes J-cups and pipe & pin safeties
  • 2”x 2”, 14-gauge steel frame
  • 5 cm hole spacing for j-cups and pin and pipe safeties
  • Product Weight: 76 kgs
  • Dimensions: 135cm L x 129cm W x 210cm H
  • Weight Capacity: 317 kgs
  • Warranty: Powerline 10-Year Home Warranty

Optional attachments to upgrade your PPR1000X (not included, must be purchased separately):

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Impressive rack and super quick delivery

Solid and stable rack. Delivered to Sydney in 3 days

Excellent Power Rack!

Even though it's an entry level rack and at the lower end of the price spectrum, don't be fooled - this rack is perfect for 99% of lifters out there!

Shipped promptly, I received it within a week of ordering (even in the middle of Covid lockdown restrictions). Easy to assemble - I put it together by myself in about 45mins.

It's very safe and sturdy. The pin pipes are heavy duty - so even if you dump your max squat onto them they will hold up. However, I definitely recommend drilling it into a platform before lifting heavy weight (if you rack 150kg+ with full force it is likely to tilt if it's not secured to the ground). It's about 20cm shorter than your average rack, so it fits comfortably in a garage gym or spare bedroom, but still has plenty of room to move.

The top and bottom sides of the rack have holes all along them for band pegs if you want to train Westside style with bands for accommodating resistance. I haven't seen many other racks at this price point that offer this feature.

The only downside I have found to this rack so far is that the J-Hooks are lined in 2 parts with cheap plastic, and then one part is exposed metal. So if you have a nice barbell you may want to invest in a nicer pair of J-hooks, or attach some better quality rubber or plastic to the inside (to avoid potential wear and tear on your barbell). They also swing quite easily which can make it difficult to adjust and centre the barbell when it's loaded with heavy-ish weight. But other than that, this is a great power rack.

It's safety rated for 317kg (although I suspect it could handle a fair bit more), so unless you are an elite level powerlifter this power rack will likely be all you ever need and last you a lifetime. There really is no need to go out and spend thousands on another rack when this one has all the basic features you need.

Andrio Arabit
Nice Rack!

Have been looking for a squat cage/rack for a while. Price and free delivery sealed the deal. Delivered inside seven days and put it to the test tonight. Awesome. Easy to assemble, sturdy and the pull-up bar feels great. Do not hesitate this product is legit. Best Fitness Thank You!

Brooke Holmes
Powerline full cage power rack

So impressed with this rack. I didn't want to pay an arm & leg for a rack to have at home for extras or during lockdowns. So I shopped around & so glad I found this one. I've purchased from BF before & they are great to do business, never any hassle & quick delivery to another state. I know it says to bolt to floor for safety reasons but i haven't . I have found it solid enough with very little shake or movement with pull ups. I've actually kipped a few pull ups to see if its sturdy, i don't think it moved at all & felt very safe. 80kg body weight swinging off it nicely 😁 Being a woman I had absolutely no drama bolting this rack together by myself either, wish a lot of things with instructions were as easy as this to put together. Quality steel, strong & sturdy. I love it. I also have purchased the lat pulldow extension for it which i have not put together as yet. Thanks BF

Anthony Viola
Great, solid and worth the money

Was a great purchase glad I got it, solid and no sway for me, i use it for squats, bench and pull ups. I really like that there are no cross bars so can walk straight through without tripping over anything. Delivered instantly was very surprised how quick and the support team were great with queries I had about the product.