Powerline Seated Calf Raise Machine

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The Seated Calf Raise Machine from Powerline is designed to help you build powerful and well defined calve muscles with smooth, friction-free movement.

With a 3-to-1 weight ratio, the Calf Raise Machine is equipped with a specially built, angled foot platform equipped with a no slip surface for security.

The machine can be used with weight plates and collars (sold separately) for additional challenge.

The machine is adjustable for all user sizes and carries a 10-year frame warranty and a one-year parts warranty from Powerline.

Assembled Dimensions: 81.28 by 114.30 by 53.34cm (H x L x W)

Powerline, strength training at its best!

  • Steel
  • Seated calf raise machine designed for smooth , friction-free movement
  • 3-to-1 weight ratio
  • Angled foot platform with no slip surface
  • Adjustable for all user sizes, 10-year frame warranty; one-year warranty covers all other parts